You Can Play Final Fantasy XIV For Free Within One Week
You Can Play Final Fantasy XIV For Free Within One Week

Final Fantasy XIV is a MMORPG that requires players to pay to play, and each monthly subscription costs $12.99, which prevents some players who just want to try it without spending money. However, now there is an opportunity for returning players to play Final Fantasy XIV for free within one week.

During the Free Login Campaign of Final Fantasy XIV, it provides free playtime until May 17, 2020, that is, there is nearly one week for you to play the game at will without any cost. But the participants must be those who are legitimate owners of the Final Fantasy XIV and once be inactive for at least 30 days.

In fact, starting from April 14, the free event has already provided players with up to 8 days of free game time, if you start playing the game now, you'll not waste the free time, otherwise you have to spend more than ten dollars.

Or, it is the first time you have come to Final Fantasy XIV, you'll also be free. There is a free trial period until you reach level 35, and in order to get higher, you must subscribe to continue playing, then you could see the offer page at Square Enix to check your costing.

Square Enix is stimulating consumption through the free login event during the current economic situation, more importantly, Final Fantasy XIV is already a disruptive game thanks to its latest expansion Shadowbringers, featuring a well-paced narrative full of heart and efficient storytelling, as well as expertly crafted dungeons.

Now it is the best time to start playing Final Fantasy XIV, at the same time, Final Fantasy XIV will donate part of the sales during the crisis to charity organizations to rescue people who are suffering from the coronavirus.

While playing, you need a lot of FFXIV Gil to survive in the fantasy world, such as purchasing food, potions and equipment, as a necessary element in the game, Gil making is related to hard work, and the best solution to escape from farming is to buy FFXIV Gil. From this perspective, there are many places in the market that can meet your needs.

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