You Can Play ESO Dragonhold Prologue Questline For Free Now
You Can Play ESO Dragonhold Prologue Questline For Free Now

In the past, the players of ESO had to become the members of ESO PLUS to get all DLCs and unlock more VIP perks, but now the final stage of the year-long Season of the Dragon has begun, that being said, anyone on all platforms can play Dragonhold Prologue questline for free, no any costing for DLC or Chapter required from now, let's take a look at how to start the quests.

The story takes place in the ravaged wildlands of Southern Elsweyr, you might meet a new partner, Sai Sahan, at the lost Dragonguard sanctuaries scattered throughout Tamriel, you will encounter an ancient secret, here you must fight together to ease the threat caused by the Dragons to Tamriel.

If you want to start the travel or adventure, pick up the "Letter from Kasura" quest starter items from the in-game Crown Store, and then look for the Imperial messenger Hinzuur, who would take you to the destination, Dragonhold Prologue.

Once completing the quests, you are able to get the rewards including a Dragonhorn Curio memento and Dragonguard Banner, which can decorate your home at will.

Grasp the final chapter of the Season of the Dragon, this is the last opportunity to fight with the Dragons. With the Dragonhold Prologue, you can complete the quests of the Dragon Rise in-game event before October 14 at 10:00 AM EDT, and unlock a zone-wide gold acquisition bonus in Northern Elswery with the help of ESO community.

Pay attention to the schedule of Dragonhold Prologue questline, which is now live on all platforms of ESO, later the Dragonhold DLC game pack is coming on October 21 for PC/Mac, and November 5 for Xbox One and PS4. At that time, the Season of the Dragon comes to an end.

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