You Can Play DC Universe Online Entirely On Switch
You Can Play DC Universe Online Entirely On Switch

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play action combat massive multiplayer online game, which first released on January 11, 2011 by Daybreak Game and WB Games for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Just like other majority of MMO games, DC Universe Online still started on PC and eventually make its way over to console. At E3 in Los Angeles, the developer of DC Universe has shown the latest build of "DC Universe Online"for Nintendo Switch, which has been the first time the game came to a Nintendo system, meaning all players can get the chance to play the game on an entirely different platform from the moment.

As soon as the Nintendo Switch released, the players can't help but afraid about the poor experience effect that third-party ports don't go well on Nintendo's little device with playing an MMO at only 15 FPS.

Don't worry about it any more, playing DC Universe Online from the beefier consoles by Sony and Microsoft to Nintendo system is becoming much weaker in framerate, while the resolution and textures were hard to deal with on Metropolis which can be manageable on Nintendo's small 720p screen, if docked, the game will have a variable resolution and will not be locked to 1080p.

Players are able to take their DC Universe Online experience to everywhere they want to go with Nintendo System in the demo, which runs perfectly fine on Switch. You can attack something in DCUO by having you hold ZL or ZR to access two different shortcut menus, it's easy to cooperate with much elegance.

If you want to try the game on Switch, the game itself is free when purchased, however, it is also constantly being weekly updated with new maps, episodes, visuals and other features. You can buy those update with different cost, or choose $14.99 per month subscription to receive all new updates as the team released.

No matter on EU or US version, DC Universe Online Cash as the most prevalent DCUO currency is featured in the majority of trades with Vendors and Kiosks, you can use them to buy equipment, consumables, repairs and the Trait Reset service.

Harvesting DCUO Cash by yourself is hard, which isn't as good as buying from reliable game market.

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