You Can Jump Into Solo Randomized Dungeons In Albion Online Percival Update
You Can Jump Into Solo Randomized Dungeons In Albion Online Percival Update

Albion Online is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive on July 17, 2017, which is a studio based in Berlin. Recently, Sandbox announced the seventh major update called Percival has come to Albion Update along with a host of new features and the specially and hugely anticipated Solo Randomized Dungeons on July 10.

It is first pointed that the update dungeons are absolutely designed for solo players, so the players no longer need to spend time waiting for teaming up with others. No matter where you are, it is available to use the scattered time to open your mobile devices and jump into Solo Randomized Dungeons in Percival to complete the quests for rewards. During the adventure, it is all possible to meet a variety of new potions for customization and highlighting of characters and mounts, new mods, spells, skills and other more.

Every time you enter the dungeons, there may be a single event where there are a large amount of enemies, classic and new ones. After killing them, you can get the boxes including some valuable loots. And the longer you stay in the dungeons, the more rewards you can get. If you still don't know how to deal with them, you need to find the special cards firstly, which can guide you on how to challenge the solo dungeons.

Don't forget to choose a satisfying appearance for your character. In the brand new player customization system, you can choose from dozens of new hairstyles, faces, beards to make your unique characters. Additionally, the mount skins in Percival are completely available. Every major mount in the game now has "numerous options." Mount Skins are unlocked account-wide so that all characters can enjoy an epic appearance on their ride.

Now, you can check the notable detailed components of Percival below:

To sum up, Percival has been ready for all of you playing, if you want to know further information, be sure to keep the focus on us.

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