Battle for Azeroth will bring long-time World of Warcraft players back into your grind if it drops this August. Expect folk being pulling all-nighters because they feverishly consume quest content and begin pushing towards Raid progression and Mythic-level dungeons.

But why don't you consider those of us who don’t have time to get that dedicated? Well, interestingly, Blizzard have added a different mode for anyone who are only able to spare minutes during a period to visit Azeroth.

Battle for Azeroth will blur the lines between Horde and Alliance.

Island Expeditions are a whole new feature in Battle for Azeroth that see two teams of three go head-to-head to accumulate the most Azerite (an enchanting resource that emerged if the world was stabbed which has a very large sword).

They work this way: Players queue to sign up the scenario, choosing a difficulty and if they want to play against another human-controlled team - in any other case, AI-controlled opponents will roam the battlefield. Dropping anchor from the coast of just one of several islands - selected randomly - teams race to gather 6000 bits of Azerite before their opponents. These can be gained by looting treasure, killing monsters, and downing bosses.

As Azerite nodes are depleted, teams are naturally brought into conflict together - fighting over the past scraps. But more exciting will be the dramatic changes brought on late hanging around - environmental effects that the stakes and throw powerful bosses into your mix. In the rounds I played, fire elementals caused volcanoes to burst out of your sands, shooting molten rocks around one of the most lucrative resource nodes. Burning gateways perceived to teleport players into an underground cavern where, it happens, an Elemental Lord awaited to check their mettle.

What’s great is the fact all this only takes 30 minutes at most. The beauty of Island Expeditions is within the way they condense your entire experience of playing World of Warcraft in to a bite-sized chunk - something which could be tell you in a lunch break. Boss fights are simpler than their top-tier Raid counterparts, and PvP encounters last seconds essentially - usually, that will be frowned upon, playing with this instance that shorter time to kill is fantastic. Not everyone has time right now to spend entire evenings banging their heads against 1 progression fight.

There’s still room to operate things out. The current pool of maps could easily need replacing its welcome. Strategies never really break faraway from circling the map as soon as possible, killing my way through your path. I’d want to see new maps that break in the flow, encouraging tougher decision-making - and, together with the precedent set through map-events, I’d wish to see wilder alterations towards the Island Expedition formula.

But these short, team-based activities certainly are a great addition to WoW’s catalogue. The Blizzard line-up is filled with short, punchy experiences. From finding room a couple of rounds of Hearthstone, to looking into the new Overwatch Brawl, there’s plenty to fit in a half-hour lunch break.

Until now, World of Warcraft hasn’t really match that space. Getting together the ideal Rated Battleground team, or grinding out progression raids to battle colossal, endgame bosses, is much more rewarding in the end, nonetheless it takes hours of commitment. But World of Warcraft can be an old game having a vast and maturing player base. Many don’t have plenty of time to keep up together with the content cycle. Island Expeditions give the individuals the opportunity to experience World of Warcraft in many manageable chunks.

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