World of Warcraft has brought its share of strange Easter eggs in the past. However, by a few months ago, stranger important things have started to happen around the Broken Shore, considered one of Legion’s end game zones. A group of cultists is counting down to something, maybe the loss of our artifact weapons.

Players which team you make their way toward the biggest market of the Broken Shore will see a small band of Xorothian Cultists, worshipers on the gigantic demon army, the Burning Legion, who come from the planet Xoroth. These four strange NPCs are channeling a spell called Fel Channeling. NPCs channeling a random spell isn’t completely out in the ordinary. However, enough time remaining for their ritual is.

If you appear closely, the Cultists have another 517 hours of channeling before they finish their cast. (This screenshot was taken earlier this week.) That means inside three weeks, Fel Channeling is going to be finished. Will this begin doing anything? Probably not, if history is any indication. However, it might signal the approaching of a little patch.

This isn’t the very first time Xorothian Cultists made this long channel. In fact, the final time Fel Channeling was cast, patch 7.3.5 hit the live servers. If the 7.3.5 release is any indication of the items comes next, we're able to expect another small WoW patch on March 7.

Players have already been speculating from the comment area of WoWhead ever since the site first reported this new channel. While there are numerous suggestions to what this countdown could possibly be signaling, decreasing event is the quest that produces players to forfeit their artifact weapon.

The all-powerful, historic weapons introduced in Legion won't be coming along for expansion. Thanks to some datamining, we understand the scenario where something happens to weapons, rendering them useless by any time Battle for Azeroth appears this fall.

Seeing as how players are yet to yet encountered this in 7.3.5, this indicates likely that we’ll visualize it at a later date. Perhaps on this occasion, the Xorothian Cultists aren’t warning us of a future patch. Instead, they’re letting us know that enough time with our precious weapons is coming to a detailed.

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