There's a stereotype, the truth is, in terms of gamers. The mainstream media has utilized this stereotype to hold the gaming community in a very negative spotlight, despite all the wonderful works we all do with charity, creative process, and stunning stories. Unfortunately, sometimes that "giant baby living inside a basement" stereotype emerges whatsoever flattering places, just like the cringe-worthy video above of any World of Warcraft player losing his mind after his mother evicted him mid-stream.

The video is ... uncomfortable to view. It begun simple enough, his mother are visible in the background coming across as asking her son for something. He immediately leaves the overall game to jump up and yell in her own face to "move out, go out, go out, escape!" It's easy to see her growing impatience, it's obvious this can be a very common occurrence.

He initially ignored the eviction notice, however immediately started yelling expletives at her, cursing her out, and melting down. Notice, he doesn't often care enough to stop playing. The language only got worse because he is seen jumping clear of his setup and destroying his room. Frankly, it's embarrassing to look at. We're not quite sure why he kept streaming, or why he didn't at the least mute his mic. His teammates can clearly be heard making use of their awkward laughs and periods of heavy silence.

The comments about this video were echoing similar thoughts as to the reasons he chose and keep streaming, even some mentioning that throughout this all - his viewers just kept donating. The level of cringe is actually too much, though considering this clip was reposted with a YouTube channel called "ThisisCringe' therefore it makes sense.

What will be the thoughts on it above? Do you find such a behaviour deplorable, or possibly is it being converted into a bigger deal than you think that it should be? Go ahead and leave us what you think that in the new comment section below, let's discuss!

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