As the word goes, things must end. In the case of World of Warcraft: it’s support for your 32-bit client. This means that World of Warcraft fans that are holding out with older PCs might need to upgrade before later. To sum it up, 32-bit clients are only able to use a limited quantity of random access memory (RAM), while 64-bit clients have much more RAM at hand.

32-bit client support can certainly on August 14, when Battle For Azeroth goes live. “The great majority of World of Warcraft players are actually running the 64-bit version with the game, and this also change enables us to spotlight making the 64-bit version as stable and efficient as you possibly can,” Blizzard said.

The transition to some 64-bit main system is free, truly requires reinstalling some applications. One with the reasons that Blizzard is retiring 32-bit support is that modern games don't need it.

“The memory limitations of 32-bit systems can impact the playability and stability of countless modern games, and 64-bit os have been industry standard for quite a while. As with past expansions, we’re building a great many technological updates to WoW with Battle for Azeroth to help enhance the action experience, as well as the time meets your needs to make this alteration,” the course notes said.

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32-bit support won’t fully disappear until the expansion goes live. However, Blizzard has recommended that players upgrade before July 1, 2018. This may prove problematic for people still running the sport on very outdated hardware and os. Many newer PCs possess a 64-bit OS installed already.

What ya think about this eliminating 32-bit client support? Do you plan to change your PC to experiment with the new expansion? Let us know within the comments!