For years, World of Warcraft players used the experience’s Recruit-A-Friend program to level characters quickly. In addition to unlocking special mounts and pets, it provides their recruiter and also the recruited a short-term bonus to see. Essentially, players would use the computer to RaF themselves by building a new account and playing both their existing account plus the new one simultaneously. Until soon, this software offered players 200 percent bonus experience, which stacked with heirloom gear.

Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier recently that the Recruit-A-Friend system will not offer that bonus. Instead, this program will offer both accounts only half bonus experience while leveling. Additionally, the bonus experience provided by wearing World of Warcraft heirlooms will never combine using the RaF bonus, in line with the official site. It is stated the changes are put constantly in place so players won't become overwhelmed with skills and talents if they level quickly.

A Blizzard Entertainment community manager proceeds to say which the experience bonus was originally methods to get a whole new player involved with their friends. Now, each World of Warcraft expansion has a leveling boost, making how the premiere strategy to allow players to experiment with together. The community manager mentions for the official forums that Blizzard Entertainment understands that many players used the RaF program to level alternate characters, but states that accomplishing this was “messy.”

The quick leveling was a nice-looking option for 1000s of players, and multiboxing (playing several characters simultaneously) had not been a violation, as outlined by a Blizzard Entertainment developer in 2012. However, these changes towards the Recruit-A-Friend program effectively make the device obsolete for people looking to level faster. The only real choice for leveling a different character quickly is currently purchasing a quick character level boost for $60.

Using the previous RaF system, players could level several characters on the 90-day period to the cost of a fresh World of Warcraft license and 2 months of game time; only $35 when the client is on discount sales. Not to mention, in this way also rewards the recruiter making use of their choice of its own pet or mount.

Observant fans of World of Warcraft on Reddit note how the changes to RaF come just days after leveling was slowed due to your zone scaling patch. As the Inquisitr reported, the 7.3.5 patch deployed recently on January 15. The update altered the leveling experience with two major ways. First, zones have larger leveling ranges, giving players longer to perform narratives without out-leveling them. Secondly, due on the change, more experience is needed to level. According to MMO-Champion, nearly 60 percent more experience is necessary for some levels.

Although the Recruit-A-Friend system would be a complicated approach to level alternate characters quickly, the choice to do so for the smaller fee might be missed. Paying the larger $60 fee for example character near max level is usually a harder pill to swallow for most players who don't mind leveling but want the method to be faster. After all, you can find 12 classes, 14 races between two factions, 36 specializations, and lots of crafting professions inside the MMORPG. Another six variant races are coming to your game when new Allied Races are included in World of Warcraft while using release of Battle for Azeroth.

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