World Of Warcraft Might Be Approaching a Level Squish
World Of Warcraft Might Be Approaching a Level Squish

A level squish in World of Warcraft might not be a rumour any longer by Blizzard, they are preparing for decreasing the maximum level around the World of Warcraft just like they did in damage numbers and stats during the stat squish according to a customer survey on Imgur and Reddit post.

How would your answer for the question "are you aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future"? Yes or No? Would you like to reduce the total numbers of levels in World of Warcraft? In other word, we can only play the game less than 120 levels.

Quite a few interviewees take the change as a new talent or ability and are glad to welcome the idea. That' s because they didn't think the grind to 120 is easy to achieve for majority of new players.

Of course, every coins has two sides, the ones who disapproved thought that it would be getting more and more bored, unless Blizzard has been worked out the solutions to make leveling less dull.

With more levels reduced, players are able to get a chance and more engaging rewards after finishing less levels, in other word, only you spend more time on surpassing, many meaningful rewards will be presented when ending up.

To sum up, not any announcement could be given by now, Blizzard said nothing except the post, we didn't make sure the level cap as well as broader changes to the leveling experience and what they mean ,however, the experience would not be too bad even if it does.

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