We already know just that World of Warcraft does away together with the traditional raid class shows its head the upcoming Battle For Azeroth expansion, but Blizzard has provided us more details about the changes they will be implementing to balance the classes and earn them more unique, including new abilities and refining the talent system.

The plans are detailed inside the latest Developer Watercooler blog, while using focus on emphasising "what makes each class unique and [providing] greater distinction among their various capabilities, specially when it comes to utility—tools that fall outside core role functions like damage, healing, or mitigation."

By diversifying the classes, Blizzard hopes to foster an even more cooperative form of play, with staff "more dependent upon each other to succeed". It will also give players the ability to switch up group dynamics, and that end, expect new abilities - and also the reintroduction of older abilities which were previously removed.

Area of Effect (AoE) stuns were chosen as an example of something that has become overused, and is not the "major strategy-defining asset" so it was designed being.

"Our goal is the fact that whatever powerful form of utility a class brings, it’s something group will probably be happy to have put into their toolbox because they approach an issue."

The main take-away on the class overhaul is "making sure everybody has something for getting excited about with an opportunity to shine."

Meanwhile, the Talent System will always be largely a similar, and often will have a few tweaks in order that choices back to back don't think that "a complex math problem." Arttifacts won't escape a re-balance either, considering that the base classes need to play well into their absence.

So expect some big class changes and several minor ones elsewhere inside the forthcoming expansion.

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