Will The Fastansy Come Back In A Short Term?
Will The Fastansy Come Back In A Short Term?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

You know why Square Enix decided to start working on the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII remake? To help the PlayStation 4 sell. Seriously. "Square Enix now has more PlayStation 4 titles," Final Fantasy VII director Tetsuya Nomura tells 4Gamer, "so we felt that we could increase the console's popularity."

Fast-forward a few years. Not only is the PlayStation 4 the clear winner in the current generation's console wars, but rumors suggest that Sony's machine is currently winding down in order to pave the way for the impending PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy VII, meanwhile, is still nowhere to be seen. It's a big game, of course. Instead of a flat-out remake, Final Fantasy VII is being rebuilt from the ground up with a brand new battle system, a deeper storyline, and a much bigger world to explore. There have also been production problems, and Nomura's been busy getting his other high-profile release, Kingdom Hearts III, ready for public consumption.

None of that has made the long wait any easier, and it doesn't look like relief is coming any time soon. Nomura says that development is going faster than expected, especially since Square Enix decided to move Final Fantasy VII's development in-house, but the game also skipped E3 2018. If Square Enix had something to show, they probably would've, and we're not expecting to see Cloud return until at least 2020 — and that's only if we're very, very lucky.

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