Why Is Your POE Account Always Banned? - What You Couldn't Do When Trading POE Currency
Why Is Your POE Account Always Banned? - What You Couldn't Do When Trading POE Currency

Path of Exile is a typical MMORPG developed by Grinding Gear Games, accompanied by an extremely flexible in-game economy, also known as POE Trade. In the game, its biggest feature is that players can customize their own combats and the return at will by creating characters, choosing class, and building the Passive Skill Tree.

Throughout Path of Exile, fierce monsters and bosses are your only enemies, when you are fighting against them, you must know that it is good to buy POE Currency from a third-party institution, which allows you to get the extra weapons and equipment, but someone's account is always banned due to POE Trade outside the game when Grinding Gear Games does not encourage players to "pay to win".

The worldwide players know that it can make the adventure more comfortable and convenient with POE Trade, and which is definitely a cool thing that if your account is not banned after the trading, and the guide is about what you couldn't do when purchasing POE Currency.

After comparing different stores, at least three, you can select out the most suitable and cheapest one to trade, preventing any loss to you. Before trading with any merchant, ask anything you want to know, such as delivery time, refund policy and handling fees.

In order to prevent your POE account from being banned, it is prudent to protect all your personal information, especially when trading online.

Except for the boosting service, never share your account password with anyone. Remember that any reliable store will not ask you to put the password, because they use "Face to Face" delivery method to pass, only your character name is needed.

Later, in order to find a high-reputation store, you'd better use a small amount of money to deal with each store as the test, if you can find a store that can provide safe currency and pleasant shopping experience, it is better to treat it as a supplier for long-term POE Trade.

Following the features, we found some reliable stores, among which MMOAH is one that is well-rated to ensure the security of your account. On its homepage, there are many reviews left by customers who have purchased, more than 98% are quite satisfied, and its goods are 100% made by real men, extremely cheap. The price is more considered by players, which is also clear on the site, definitely lower than the market price.

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