Why Are Those Who Complain About Fallout 1st Shelling Out Money?
Why Are Those Who Complain About Fallout 1st Shelling Out Money?

Last month, Bethesda added a subscription service Fallout 1st to Fallout 76 that required players to pay $12.99 a month, or $99.99 a year for special benefits and convenience, especially the right to create your own worlds with your friends in the latest update Private Worlds. However, it didn't run as expected, even the fans soon became very angry about the service, they felt that their privacy was being watched by the public, that's because the Private Worlds of Fallout 76 is not private, instead the Fallout 1st worlds were visible and accessible by anyone on the subscribers' friends list.

This made Fallout 76 become an infamous MMO, and Bethesda quickly came forward and explained the issue. Until now, a strange phenomenon is exposed that the players shelling out money for Fallout 76 are those who complain about it not long ago, which just proves the truth that there is some content in Fallout 76 are attracting quite a few players now, although they could still find many unreasonable setting and even bugs in the game.

Based on the information provided by Bethesda staff, the Fallout 1st service is "excellent", and one-month subscription sales were "much larger than expected", which will definitely bring huge benefits to Fallout 76 developers.

Surely, as an outsider, we can't figure out the accuracy of the news, but it is really a fact that the players of Fallout 76 never disappeared, they even expect to see a better Fallout 76, which is why they didn't give up or even cost for the game. Before that, they have already spent time and energy on it, so they need to prove that their efforts are not in vain, and get rewarded.

How about Fallout 76? Not pretty.
Or, it can be said that Bethesda is not trusted by the players, because what it said is always better than doing, which leads many players not to enjoy the expected game. Take the infinite scrap box for example, it can't work in Private Worlds with Fallout 1st, which is the opposite of Bethesda's previous promise that the box can hold unlimited scarp. Beyond that, the countless bugs can often appear in it, and players seem to have become accustomed to it.

Consumers want to be respected, and they want to see a return of Fallout 76 after costing, this might be the main reason for the rising sales of Fallout 1st, but if Bethesda insists on the wrong business for long time, even squandering the goodwill of consumers, no one is willing to pay for its mistakes.

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