Who Will Win? Who is the strongest putting all the Bosses of the Immortal Syndicate in one arena?
Who Will Win? Who is the strongest putting all the Bosses of the Immortal Syndicate in one arena?

Today, the video released by Path of Exile on Twitter in continuation of “Boss vs Boss” series put all the members of the Immortal Syndicate in one arena in order to judge who's the strongest one by fighting.

In this video, Bosses of Path of Exile are fighting each other, Full Scran comments are discussed, in the boss vs boss showcase, ALVA, JUN, ZANA and EINHAR were arranged a fight while more bosses in the Immortal Syndicate are planed to join the campaign in the continuation.

The Immortal Syndicate is the center point of the Betrayal League expansion just like a mysterious organization, what originally conceived is that they bosses would freeze up the whole screen like they do in maps or shot each other while the crash expected by most of the players didn’t happen.

There are three rounds around shooting and close quarters to decide who is the strongest boss in the Immortal Syndicate, the first POINT in ROUND ONE GOES to RIKER MALONEY, a Midnight Tinkerer of the 18 Immortal Syndicate members, before he won, nobody noticed him until 1vs1.

Next round, the battle looked more difficult than the last round and the total duration was longer, finally the point went to IT That Fled whose flat damage values for the abilities for Level 82 and vary by level, even so in the second fight Riker was second only to It That Fled.

Round 3, calling it a huge Scuffle didn't go too far, all 18 members try their best to win, abusing de aggro mechanics from the stealth game helped Riker a lot, obvious result came that RIKER got a point again.

Riker, Fled and Riker again, pretty surprised, Riker looked just camping out somewhere in the corner and not able to provide any harm, what's surprising is that he could avoid all the big AOEs for the most part.

There is no doubt that Riker Maloner became the final winner among all members of Immortal Syndicate. Is that what you expect?

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