The January transfer window has closed for one more year so we have seen numerous high profile moves in the last month.

The transfers have gone FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players wanting to get their hands on the most up-to-date players cards.

Whenever a gamer moves completely to another club, FIFA 18 releases an updated player card together with the new club included.

This change opens the door to new potential squad line-ups as a result of changes in player chemistry.

Philippe Coutinho’s Barcelona move at the beginning of the window will dsicover his chemistry improve with fellow La Liga players, whilst Aubameyang will be a great choice for players making a Premier league side.

So when will be the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team player cards updated and just how do you buy them?

When are January transfers updated on FIFA 18?

The January transfer window has seen lots of top players change clubs such as the recent moves of Olivier Giroud and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on transfer deadline day..

Many FIFA players is going to be waiting to view when these players is going to be available under their new clubs, and when the change hasn’t happened already that will do quickly.

The ultimate team players are updated in batches, that serves to not always start to see the switch happen right after the player has completed their transfer.

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