What Is New In The Elder Scrolls Online From E3 2019 Eldorado
What Is New In The Elder Scrolls Online From E3 2019 Eldorado

From the recent E3 2019 Conference Bethesda released the next plan for the game of the Elder Scrolls Online with a bunch of new information. Today, MMOAH introduces to all of you about what is new in the Elder Scrolls Online from a new trailer.

New dungeons
Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok are two new dungeons, which are needed to conquer in the new DLC package Scalebreaker. Players are planed to fight with dragons in order to exchange for new items and collectibles including great mementos, titles and skins for hard mode completions like usual. They are going to challenge bosses and winding paths in these exciting new dungeons.

New zone
Following the storyline "Year of the Dragon", the Elder Scrolls Online is going to put the final chapter in the Season of Dragons, Dragonhold in November. Which would bring more quests and narrative content accompanied with a new zone in the south of Elsweyr, Pellitine. Once land here, warriors will have to survive in a barren wasteland ruined by plague and famine as they to reform the legendary Dragonguard.

ESO Gold
Of course, there are a good deal of content for the hugely popular MMORPG, the Elder Scrolls Online, players who are experienced should make sure there are enough ESO Gold in their pocket to spend on the tons of new things.

ESO Golds are available for buying new items, weapons and gear, the players of the fantastic MMO are recommended to gather up some ESO Golds and find a ticket to the Khajiit region called Elsweyr with much interest.

Although it still several months away for Scalebreaker, we have plenty of things to do. Farming is hard to collect enough ESO Gold, why not buy some on MMOAH?

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