The next Big league Legion coming of Path of Exile this summer
The next Big league Legion coming of Path of Exile this summer

Three months passed away since the last reveal of Path of Exile, the announcement has released by POE is that the next big league Legion coming of Path of Exile this summer, detailed info not yet revealed by official, we are keeping up to date.

Your task is collecting five Emblems during conquest and battle, which could be formed by dropping Splinters from monsters, collection finished, you are able to place the Emblems in their newly updated Map Device. This time you'll face challenge against five different ancient armies and with generals who lead them such an Vaal, which means that more agency are offered than ever in how difficult they want their encounters to be and it will take days to earn all.

The difficulty you'll face is dependent on your choice, the more enemies you tag, the higher the difficulty with better reward.

Collect the splinters from specific legion when you are facing off against monsters of it, and form Emblems. You can increase the map slots to five by ramping up the challenge. After you succeed in placing five legion emblems for all five legions, huge rewards will be worth it.

Here are you can obtain including a slew of new items and techniques.

An intriguing addition is Incubation items, Legion monsters can also drop a new item which may modify a piece of equipment to guarantee a certain type of item drop, at 2000 kills when you killed monsters, a random unique item will drop for you. They may be weapons, armor, divination cards even high-end currency, you can use them trading with other players so that you all can get the ones you want most.

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