The latest update of Fortnite brings a twisted image to many players
The latest update of Fortnite brings a twisted image to many players

Fortnite already Launched the updated version of Fortnite V 5.1 on Yesterday, all of players updated after that, yet, few can be concluded successful completion. Many bugs were reported to Epic all the time since the update begun and it seems they are still working on that. However, without a continuous tech support of an online game, these problems gonna drive its users apart. 

Texture bug, as a matter of fact, is the main problem coming out of the update incident. Some of its descriptions, which already were reported to Epic Games and being discussed in the forum, focus on the twisted color and texture of the whole map in the game, including player, structures, NPCs, props etc. the reason of this kind of problem emerged unexpectedly after the update was claimed as "chaos of brightness settings" by some players. The glitchy images really affected the gaming experience, although some of them detected the damage can be"minimal". 

Players tried to fix the problem on their own, by updating the graphic drivers in the devices. But the operation didn't go so well- some claimed it worked out, others not. Now, thousands of player are requesting and begging for a solution to the graphic bug and yet Epic Games doesn't announce its pledge of resolving it in time. Right now, I am looking forward to the upcoming incident for the new conflict. 

Whether or not having this kind of problem in Fortnite after this update, quick and favoring adventure is always the first concern among the new starters of Fortnite. Although coordinate well along with your team mates will accelerate your growth, seeking out a viable and legit backup plan is necessary, especially a reputable gaming company for certain items and equipments, can be a turning point for the path of your adventure in Fortnite. Sometimes, it's not the persistence strangling us in a certain point, it's the fluke mind that you can get it done without any help causing you fatigued in the middle of journey.

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