If you are looking for a good computer game for the little ones in the house to have a great time with the PC, do not miss the report that we bring you today because in it you will find some of the best free games for children of today.

If you have children at home and you want them to enjoy video games in a safe way, nothing like choosing the titles they play. To help you and also save you some money, we have decided to create this report in which we review the best free games for young children of PC.

In this way, the youngest of the house can have a great time playing on the computer with some of the best video games of the moment while the older ones are not concerned about content that is inappropriate for them. To play!

With Creativerse, children can create worlds of every kind piece by piece and block by block in the style of the popular Minecraft. It is an open world game that is available for free on Steam, and that offers a wide range of creative possibilities available to everyone. It also has multiplayer and cooperative functions to play with friends, or to accompany your children while having fun in the game world.

Digimon Masters Online

If the kids in the house are Digimon fans, with this title they can travel to their virtual world and live fantastic adventures. Digimon Masters Online is an MMO loaded with combats with Digimon creatures and role-playing elements that will make children give the coconut. Of course, Digimon Masters Online is only available in English, so it will be necessary to have some control of the language to enjoy it as it deserves.


Another of the best free games for children of PC is Paladins. This title has already overcome the barrier of 15 million users and is very similar to Overwatch. Paladins has a lot of characters and abilities that offer variety to each game. In addition, the game of Hi-Rez Studios has many game modes, all of them for free, so it is hard to get bored of it.

TrackMania Nations Forever

The TrackMania saga is one of the most popular among lovers of car games and on Steam we can enjoy TrackMania Nations Forever for free. Its formula is simple: play races against the clock at the wheel of fast cars on tracks full of jumps, loops and changes of grades. A game with an attractive multiplayer mode and more than 65 new tracks that can delight those who play it.


Trove is a free MMORPG that fuses the style and worlds of construction games like Minecraft with elements typical of role-playing games, such as character customization and progression. In it, players can build fantasy worlds with great freedom while they explore, fight and have fun together. In addition, in Trove you can play as superheroes or fantasy warriors, among other things, something that will delight the smallest of the home.

And here we review our top with the best free PC games. If you think that there is another title worthy of being on this list, do not hesitate to say so in the comments of this article so that other users of our website can know and access it.

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