The Upcoming Updates And Improvements Of ESO For 2020
The Upcoming Updates And Improvements Of ESO For 2020

Bethesda just announced that the final installment of the Season of the Dragon would launch to make a perfect end. Prior to that, the Elder Scrolls Online had received mixed reviews as the release of Activity Finder. Someone said that its interface is outdated and difficult to maintain the large load. So there are always the long loading, timeouts, disconnections issues when playing the Elder Scrolls Online. Rich Lambert, the creative director of ESO has also realized it and promised to deal with the problems as soon as possible.

In order to recover the reputation of ESO, the entire developing team is always working hard, the following is part of the performance improvements provided by Rich Lambert, now and in the future.

November Update 2019
ESO adds Update 24 in the last two months of 2019, featured a lot of additional work on the Looking for Group system and memory management. Beyond that, it also made some adjustments and fixed some performance0related problems on the live servers, which has been available on November 5 for all platforms.

Update 25 2020
It will be released early next year as the first update of ESO in 2020, and it will add the patching overhaul on every ESO player and faster loading fixtures and characters. Besides, it could improve the scenes combat ability and frame rate for better gaming experience. Part of the update has been completed and in internal testing, which means that they will be officially used soon.

Update 26 2020
This is the update of ESO released in the second quarter of 2020, and it will make deeper changes on the basis of Q1 update. It will first improve the server optimization and stability, and add the next phase of frame rate. And it makes the player character loading process multi-threaded on the server for better performance.

Update 27 2020
It is planned to add the account Database "Cold Storage", deeper frame rate improvements and additional bug fixes and other more updates.

Generally speaking, ESO maintains at least four quarters of updates every year to rectify the game, there is too much work to do. But what you are reading now is not the final result, and some of them are likely to be changed with the game's improvements, once it is altered, we will notify you immediately.

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