The Next Plan About Elder Scrolls Online Is Discussed After "Elsweyr" By Lambert
The Next Plan About Elder Scrolls Online Is Discussed After "Elsweyr" By Lambert

It was nearly one month since the day of Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr arrived, about 13.5 million players now are across PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with the expansion of Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr. We must acknowledge the hybrid payment model of "buy-to-play" in ESO played an important role in an age where free-to-play games were viewed as the future.

During E3 2019 conference in the early month, the developer of Elder Scrolls Online discussed the game's state and next plan after the success of Elsweyr.

After trying the Necromancer and the dragons, the players enjoyed the new zone full of new characters, quests, dungeons and more and made the Necromancer become the most requested class since the original first live beta.

Right now, Bethesda seems to have found a good rhythm, earlier this year, the Wrathstone with two fantastic new dungeons brought two new rewards, gear and enemies to fight. In addition to the release, the Update 21 also introduces the fantastic Zone Guide feature.

Next Bethesda is going to release Scalebreaker, another dungeon-focused pack for PvE players to move on to after Elsweyr. Meanwhile we can see the Dragonhold, a story-focuses DLC update similar to last year's Murkmire near the end of the year.

A new story structure across the entire year would be experimented instead of each DLC and expansion telling an entirely self-contained story. Take Season of the Dragon for an example, which is a year-long plot taking Elsweyr as the heart, dating from Wrathstone and being finished at the forthcoming next DLC updates.

Lambert, the creative director on Elder Scrolls Online said, "We did a lot of standalone stories in the past and one of the reasons we decided to try the season-long storyline is because players were having a very difficult time figuring out where to go and what to do with all of the updates we had in a year. The reception that we've had this year and how players have latched out the format, it makes a lot of sense to revisit that."

More importantly, an Oblivion-focuses expansion could go well. The next expansions will tap into the same sort of nostalgia to make them more popular and allow for a large, unexplored new zone.

We are expected it would be better than ever on Elder Scroll Online very much with the Tamriel Unlimited update in the following year.

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