A new Santiago Bernabeu feature has been seen as in EA's FIFA 18 game has been seen by YouTuber DTT.

The Youtube link: https://youtu.be/pmKIQBKy0bw

According to your below video, the song that Real Madrid play after scoring for the Bernabeu also plays once you score a target with Los Blancos in FIFA 18.

In a relevant video revealing various other things you can have missed around the latest edition with the world's most widely used football game, DTT spots the intricate detail.

This is an additional example of an endeavor by EA Sports to create their popular football game as realistic as is possible.

This detail on Madrid's ground could be EA's smartest yet, together with the anthem really adding to your authenticity and immersive feel on the game.

The greater realism and introduction of recent game modes has grown the games popularity even more in recent years, together with the game selling a terrific 10 million copies upon its release.

The introduction of 'The Journey' has drawn new clients in with fans experiencing the feeling of going for a player through his life to be a footballer both on / off the pitch.

As well because, the achievements game mode Ultimate Team remains growing, with all the option for in game purchases of packs to have new players bringing EA thousands of revenue on a monthly basis.

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