Today the Netmarble has added a fresh playable class to TERA M, the adorable Elin Ninja. Survived with the fall of your empire and trained as being a murderer from an earlier age, she and her army of Ninja will not likely stop until they've won revenge for that loss of her family and her companions. Much like its PC version, the Ninja is excellent at controlling enemies at a distance. Even if he's capable of melee battles, they are certainly much weaker at short range.

The ideal solution to fight for any Ninja will be constantly on the go doing damage at a distance. As described, it's not at all a class suited to new players, however it is preferable to make use of a veteran player who are able to recognize the battle situations and who are able to move in a manner as to optimize the injury. Based on the PC version produced by Bluehole, NetMarble intends to launch TERA M worldwide, even though there is currently no release date.

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