Fortnite Battle Royale has become a one of most popular game style that captured millions, put them on an island and allowed them to fight it out. Some may call it dangerous, others a problem, but for fans of these games it is just flat out fun. Here are some of the mechanics we love about Fortnite Battle Royale

1. Dropping In

When you drop into the map there is something fun about starting each round. You look at the number of people in the flying truck. Then look over the map and decide where the safest place is. Do you land in the city and fight for the best loot? Or do you shoot for the wilds and hide until the game clears out some of the players so you rank among the final few? That choice is what makes the drop in so much fun.

2. Fortnite’s Building Mechanics

Months ago NBC did a special on Fortnite stating the dangers to real life. Can we talk about the benefits of building up your own house in seconds? Could we learn to do that part in real life? Fortnite began as a game with strong building mechanics. They have implemented them into the battle royal design and they have become a mandatory skill for winning a match. Those who can build fast and get the shots off in between will usually end in victory.

3. Random Chests and Treasures

As the maps unfold players know where to find the best loot. Dropping in near a score of treasure is always a great thing. Once you unlock the loot, getting an epic weapon puts you at an advantage right away. Fortnite use the MMO system from Warcraft with green, blue, purple, and gold to signify the best gear. Chests also can give you armor boosts, med packs, and bombs.

4. Cosmetics

To keep costs down and allow players to enjoy the game fully, Fortnite only use an economy based on cosmetic changes to your character. This is a key to success for players and fans because no one has to buy to win. Everyone is on an equal playing field all the time. That does not mean we haven’t spent money on games like Fortnite, but it does keep game play equal. A lesson the game industry has had to figure out for a while.

5. Sniping

Being a sniper in these games is hard. First, you have to get a sniper rifle. Then you have to find a spot and hope the map doesn’t close in on you. Once you find your perch it is all about patience. Can you get the shots needed to win from a good location? If you can win a match this way, you are a really specialized in how you play. It is not easy, but fun nonetheless.

6. Making a Comeback

Getting wounded and shot up or attacked is rarely something people survive. Thanks to med kits, bandages, and big blue drinks, surviving a fight and returning your health is always a comeback win. Always make sure you keep one of these items on you in a match. If you hit an early engagement and take damage, you can save up and heal before the final few players bring the fight into the end of the map.

7. Map Shrinkage

Having the map shrink every few minutes is one of the great mechanics in Battle Royale. It was much scarier in the movie, but then again this is a video game. Clear map mechanics force players into smaller battle zones to bring in a fast outcome. Most matches do not take too long and this timed elements keeps players on their toes.

8. Winning (Or just finishing in the top 5)

Winning one of these matches is not easy. You are up against 100 players and getting down to the final few is always the toughest part of the fight. In Fortnite make sure your building mechanics are top notch. Because how fast you put up walls and snipe shots over the top of them is how fast you will win. There is no key method to victory though. We have seen all kinds of victories in the past. Winning a match is pure joy and watching the celebrations on Youtube are fun in and of themselves. Well, Good Luck Everyone!

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