The June Incursion update for Path of Exile will send you back in time for a new loot
The June Incursion update for Path of Exile will send you back in time for a new loot

Path of Exile's on-line "devil" has not yet told her last word. At the beginning of June, he will welcome another update with a ton of content dominated by an interesting element influencing the past and thus the presence. You will return about 2,000 years back in time until the construction of the lost Temple Atzoatl began.

Individual time-limited expeditions to the past are called Incursions, or invasions, which help researchers Al Valai with the location of the temple in the present. You must take a dozen of such trips before Alva dips the jungle into the right place. Then the real fun begins.

In the past, you directly interfere with the construction of the temple by killing its architects. The role of the designer is yours and it is up to you to build a room. This, of course, directly affects the final form of the temple in the present.

Not only do you bring a brand new loot from past times, but you still create more prey that has accumulated in the temple for centuries. You set yourself a challenge by selecting rooms. Furthermore, your goal is to search for keys to other and other rooms, whose unlocking in the past will be reflected in the present. And this could be continued for a long time.

The update is accompanied by 12 new gems, six of which are Vaal (the temple is situated in the Vaal empire, which first appeared in the 4 years old Sacrifice of the Vaal), five of which are new traps and the last is the so-called Support Gem for trap. At the same time, the creators, over these new gems, overcame twenty older skills to match current standards - adjusting their effects, mechanisms, functions, and balance.

The latest information is about two new paid packages you can find here. Update Path of Exile: Incursion comes out on June 1 on PC and on June 4 on Xbox One.

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