The Elder Scrolls Online: Update 27 Will Help Make Players' Homes Feel More Alive

Aug 20, 2020 Source: MMOAH

The Elder Scrolls Online has released a post that details advanced Character Pathing in update 27. The release date is September 1. Arriving with the free Update 27 base-game patch, Character Pathing allows you to specify unique paths for almost all your collected assistants, mounts, and pets to follow throughout your house. With this update to the Homestead system, the team wanted to help make your homes feel more alive than ever in a way that was both accessible and that encouraged creativity.

How does it work? It's simply a matter of placing a character in your home, and then using the new tool to assign them paths.

As an example, If you already have Pirharri the Smuggler placed in your home. With this update, you now have a new option when targeting her in the housing editor to 'Create Path'. Once you press that button, you'll see a path node beneath Pirharri, and another path node held in your hand like a furnishing. The pathing tool will let you set a walking route for any of the mounts or pets or followers in your home. For each one, you can create up to 30 nodes. They can walk to each in turn like a set path or go to each randomly to create a few favorite spots for them to hang out.

In short, this is something to look forward to. Players can decorate your house as you wish. If you feel that your house needs more things to decorate, you can start choosing items now, if you don't have items to decorate. You can use ESO Gold to go shopping. Try to buy as many items as possible that can make your house look more vibrant. If you do not have enough ESO Gold, perhaps MMOAH can be the most suitable place for you to buy ESO Gold. Because the price of ESO Gold on MMOAH is not only lower than the market price, but it will provide the most considerate service. If you have any questions, just ask the MMOAH staff, they will definitely answer for you patiently.

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