The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn Shows Gameplay in New Trailer
The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn Shows Gameplay in New Trailer

Bethesda released a new trailer at QuakeCon, which includes the upcoming Stonethorn. The expansion will continue year-long adventures of the Dark Heart of Skyrim, telling the story of an upcoming vampire invasion that threatens Skyrim and possibly the entire Tamriel. The new expansion piece will include two new dungeons-Stone Garden and Castle Thorn, as well as new quests and storylines, setting items and collectibles. Castle Thorn features a foreboding keep where a Vampire Lord secretly builds a dark army, while Stone Garden is set within the laboratory of a mad alchemist, dedicated to perfecting his monstrous creations. These two dungeons are closely linked to a year-long adventure.

The Dark Heart of Skyrim deals with some of the evilest creatures in the ESO mythos and shines a light on the Gray Host, an ancient army composed of Werewolves and Vampires. Through these dungeons, you can explore darker themes and highlight those two aspects of the Grey Host's army.

All of these have also appeared in the dungeons' narratives. Although these monsters have always been part of ESO and Tamriel, the year-long storyline has allowed the team to craft some truly horrible stories and tell a darker story. Werewolves, Vampires, mad scientists and their abominable creations are all the stuff of nightmares. Players can explore more of these classic horror elements in Tamriel. Of course, these dungeons are not only dark stories about monsters and heroes, but they are also challenging the PVE experience, which will definitely bring players a certain test, but at the same time but they will also bring players better gaming experience. If you want to pass these quests more smoothly, the best way is to take advantage of ESO Gold, it will help you overcome the difficulties encountered in the game.

The developers said: They always try and challenge players to use familiar aspects of the game in new and different ways, and inject more exploration moments into their designs. These two areas have created some unique mechanisms in the Stone Garden, and players can use alchemy in an unprecedented way. Using the tools available, you might even find a way to fight monsters. Even better, if you complete these dungeon missions, you will receive unique rewards.

If you want to get these rewards faster, ESO Gold can help you. Buying ESO Gold is worthwhile, because there are more attractive tasks in Stonethorn. Of course, if you want to buy cheap ESO Gold, MMOAH will be the most suitable choice, where you can buy the most satisfactory items with the least amount of money. product. And MMOAH has the most attentive service and the most secure online payment system, so you don't have to worry about the safety of the product.

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