The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium Celebration Event With DLC Pack Off
The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium Celebration Event With DLC Pack Off

Bethesda announced a big event of Elder Scrolls Online, Orsinium Celebration Event returns from August 8 to 18, and there is only one week left for you to buy cheap Orsinium DLC and earn some bonus rewards during the period, the event is coming to an end until August 19.

In addition to the DLC game pack, the Collector's Bundle is also on sale in the Crown Store, more content is added into the Orsinium DLC, a new area, Wrothgar; two new public dungeons; as well as other features including the Maelstrom Arena.

The Orsinium DLC pack is currently 60% off in the crown and will access the Wrothgar zone and explore more new content, which means that you can buy the game pack with costing only 750 crowns at present.

Moreover, if you are a member of ESO Plus, you must have been allowed to access Orsinium DLC pack before that, to celebrate the release of game pack, you also get a 60% discount on the Orsinium Collector's Bundle which throws in a Cave Bear mount, by which you can get a Cave Bear Cub non-combat pet, and five experience scrolls. It is really a piece of exciting news for those who have long farmed ESO Gold, which can help them save some real money.

During the Orsinium Celebration Event, you can obtain the rewards by completing the daily challenges, for example, Bethesda set Wrothgar's Bounty to earn double rewards for the players who finish the challenges in Wrothgar like Transmute Crystal and Maelstrom Weapons.

You are also able to earn one of the exclusive Indrik mounts of Orsinium DLC by collecting the Event Tickets, which can be earned as the two different methods, and an account can only earn a maximum of two tickets every day.
Complete any Wrothgar Delve Daily(2 Event Tickets)
Complete any Worthgar World Boss Daily(2 Event Tickets)

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