The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Review
The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Review

Since the day of June 4 when Bethesda announced the arrival of Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr, our players are always fighting with the Dragons and rescued other characters during the journey to Star Haven. In the process of exploring they must protect themselves and other adepts from attack. Next step is the review of Elsweyr accompanied with MMOAH.

The game happened in Elsweyr, which is the home of the Khajiit, a tiny Home Cat in Elder Scrolls with special identity. The main quests for players are working with Abnur Tharn to Eliminate the attacking dragons and helping the Khajiit to liberate their towns from the Usurper Queen Euraxia.

At the beginning of the game, players are allowed to select a new class and race from the 9 classes and 9 races including a new class, Necromancers, who can summon the fallen undead and use the corpses to overwhelm their enemies.

The land of the Khajiit
Elsweyr is the homeland of the cat-like Khajiit with bizarre culture that mixes various eastern influences in a single architectural style, especially in the huge city of Rimmen, which can give the players a better chance to know the men, the cat and their variants.

The dragons have brought the threaten of destroying the land, the players can explore the sands of the new game region and enjoy the new story missions across the two new public dungeons, six new delves and new world bosses for group to defeat here.

The return of dragons
The main line of the story revolves around the return of dragons, some key figures and a mysterious army of the undead. The appearance of dragons is quite challenging. They are always flying over the wasteland of Elsweyr, and landing at the predetermined sites where the shaman hordes of players to fight them. It's hard to break down the very strong dragons, therefore the players are supposed to get together in order to grind out experience points and good loot.

To highlight the new class, Necromancers, we have the reasons to believe that the new class is specially made against the dragons.

To sum up, everything in the game is perfect with my opinion, the Elder Scrolls Online is presenting a polished structure and unparalleled MMO gameplay based on a huge player-base, I am looking forward to a more value-for-money gaming experience in Elsweyr.

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