The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Coming To Google Stadia Revealed
The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Coming To Google Stadia Revealed

It has been confirmed by ZeniMax that the news of the Elder Scrolls Online is coming to Google Stadia through a brief trailer of Elsweyr at Gamescom 2019, which means that we can play ESO without any hardware devices such as PC in the coming days. And if you are unfamiliar with Google Stadia, read on it.

The creepy, face-melty look of the rumor finally revealed its true appearance on August 19, Google has promised to allow new partners to join Stadia. Since that day, we fans have been expecting ESO to bring a different game experience.

Google Stadia is a platform of cloud gaming developed by Google, which is different from traditional game streaming platforms, you are able to play the games on a remote server instead of your local machine, and your input will be sent to the server in real time and get a reply according to the video.

As for Elsweyr, it is the third and latest expansion of Elder Scrolls Online, released in June for PC, PS4 and Xbox One users, which featured a necromancer class and a storyline that pushed hunting to the forefront, just like we can see from the trailer that the scared dragons are smashing in the skies and destroying everything in their path.

In addition to these, we have not gotten further information about the cooperation between ESO and Google Stadia, which might be released in the coming weeks. And we can't figure out if it is allowed to play ESO by a new Stadia servers, or it is also available for ESO Server, if so, all of your game data can be preserved including your characters, equipment, ESO Gold even all.

Nowadays, quite a few players are most concerned about the release date and costing of the available ESO on Google Stadia, and ZeniMax has not leaked any news about the game launched on the platform, but if everything runs well, believed that it would arrive soon.

Based on past experience of coming to Google Stadia server, the players are asked to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy Stadia's streaming service with some discounts on the game.

What's more, ESO is one MMO including several expansions, and it also can't be sure if the players can continue to play the expansions after purchasing their base, will Stadia players have to pay for every expansion? However, don't worry about it too much, and we are searching for the answer on MMOAH constantly.

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