The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Google Stadia Connected With PC Accounts
The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Google Stadia Connected With PC Accounts

Starting from June 16, The Elder Scrolls Online developed by ZeniMax has dropped a new platform, Google Stadia to play, accompanied by the cross-progression, allowing players to play all the content of the PC version on Stadia simultaneously through using the same account.

For Stadia Pro subscribers, everyone could get access to the base game and Morrowind expansion, but not include the Summerset, Elsweyer or Greymoor expansions. And the ESO Plus memberships can become freely accessible to all DLCs of the Elder Scrolls Online, along with 10% XP boost, craft bag for unlimited crafting material storage, as well as the aforementioned access to all DLC packs.

There is a big feature of Elder Scrolls Online on Google Stadia, you can play the game anywhere connected with PC, even a mobile phone with newly added touchscreen controls.

Surely, Elder Scrolls Online will bring new questlines to allow players to get daily rewards, this is a game full of interactions, challenges and rewards, but it is not always simple, even to experience hard work, letting everyone can create unique gaming experience throughout the game.

The Stadia version of Elder Scrolls Online has clear visual improvements benefiting from being rendered at 1440p, creating clear architecture and detailed character models.

Before that, the Elder Scrolls Online can only be used on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Mac, but the Stadia version allows cross-play on all previous platforms, players only need to create and link an ESO account for free, and then save the game progress to manage the account through a network on one device.

Simply put, you could play the Elder Scrolls Online on Google Stadia now without carrying a laptop.

While playing the game, the basic need for ESO Gold will make you fall into farming, but it is time-consuming, especially when playing some repetitive tasks.

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