Team Ready to Address 'Hot Button Issues' Surrounding Random Queues
Team Ready to Address 'Hot Button Issues' Surrounding Random Queues

A new short article has appeared within the Neverwinter site to treat "hot button issues" as identified by town over the Random Queue feature introduced from the Swords of Chult content addition. Not only will be the issues identified, though the team is preparing many changes to treat many of them.

Level 70 players will have access to "earning shards from three different random queues" everyday including skirmish, dungeon and epic dungeon queues.  

In addition, the necessity for 10k iLevel has been addressed:

So for the moment, we’re taking out the new skirmish in the random skirmish queue. This means that provided end up in The Merchant Prince’s Folly in case you queue for just a random skirmish, and you no longer must meet the requirements to the skirmish to queue for the random skirmish. Of course, you are able to still queue for The Merchant Prince’s Folly directly. We’ll be monitoring the game in that skirmish, possibly at some point within the future, we’ll be returning it on the random skirmish queue once people have had efforts and adjust and grow their item level.

The two changes above will likely be rolled out now. However, there are far more changes coming prior towards the console launch of Swords of Chult during the early 2018. You can read a lot more specific details, including how devs looking to make queuing a good experience for players irrespective of joining like a group or perhaps individual, on the Neverwinter site.

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