Team Ready to Address Hot Button Issues Surrounding Random Queues
Team Ready to Address Hot Button Issues Surrounding Random Queues

A new writing has appeared around the Neverwinter site to deal with "hot button issues" as identified by the neighborhood over the Random Queue feature introduced within the Swords of Chult content addition. Not only will be the issues identified, nevertheless the team is preparing several changes to cope with many of them.

Level 70 players will quickly have access to "earning shards from three different random queues" daily including skirmish, dungeon and epic dungeon queues.  

In addition, the requirement of 10k iLevel is now being addressed:

So for the time being, we’re removing the new skirmish from the random skirmish queue. This means that you will no longer end up in The Merchant Prince’s Folly if you queue for a random skirmish, and that you no longer need to meet the requirements for that skirmish to queue for a random skirmish. Of course, you can still queue for The Merchant Prince’s Folly directly. We’ll be monitoring the activity in that skirmish, and at some point in the future, we’ll be returning it to the random skirmish queue once everyone has had some time to adjust and increase their item level.

The two changes above is going to be rolled out immediately. However, there are many changes coming prior to console launch of Swords of Chult noisy . 2018. You can read the greater specific details, including how devs looking to make queuing having a positive experience for players irrespective of joining as being a group or even an individual, at the Neverwinter site.

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