En Masse Entertainment has released the initial DLC update for TERA just a fortnight after launch having its TERA PS4 update Ruinous Manor, despite having initial server struggles through the beta.

The Ruinous Manor update is made to test probably the most hardened TERA players, and comes with a new max level dungeon containing rare set items, unique magic imbuing dyads, and high-level crafting materials.

All you brave warriors will face three Big Ass Monster (BAM) bosses within the Ruinous Manor.  Atrocitas with the exceptional deadly claws, the powerful kick attacks of Malgarios, and Lacheilith, a genuine nightmare with a piercing tail scythe, life-draining soul spheres, and triple lasers.

Check out video in the Ruinous Manor update below.

Here’s the lowdown on where you should activate the quest and also.

    Location—Cliffs of Insanity in Popolion (or via instance matching or Teleport Scroll)
    Difficulty—[4 STARS]
    Required Level—65
    Recommended Number of Players—5 players
    Minimum Item Level—417
    Daily Entry Limit—2 (4 for elite players)
    Bosses—Resurrected Atrocitas, Resurrected Malgarios, Lachelith
    Loot—Guile armor crates, Manorborne and Estateborne earrings, Cleansing Brooches, Dyad Niveot Structures, Lachelith’s Treasure chest.

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