En Masse Entertainment has announced a brand new ranged class will likely be coming soon on their free-to-play MMO TERA. The Gunner can be a versatile damage dealer, good at close quarters in addition to being a crowd control specialist.

Armed using a potent Arcannon and programmable combat constructs, the gunner can defeat enemies everywhere you look on the battlefield. Her high-powered arsenal as well as specialized ammunition and unique gadgets makes her an explosive addition for the combat roster.

The gunner can be a fast-moving, ranged class that excels at high-DPS output and is particularly built for cleaning mobs with powerful area-of-effect attacks. But she’s not simply a one-shot class… and also at home like a ranged fighter, the gunner boasts heavy armor and impressive close quarter combat skills that produce her a deadly threat no matter what foe. Add in some girl power as well as the ability to summon specialized constructs, and you’ve got “True Action Combat” on steroids.

The Gunner class is just around the corner to TERA.

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