Star Wars: The Old Republic Brings New Fantastic Changes Mainly Aimed To Free-To-Play And Preferred Players
Star Wars: The Old Republic Brings New Fantastic Changes Mainly Aimed To Free-To-Play And Preferred Players

Star Wars: the Old Republic announced the new fantastic changes on June 20 which will be coming for both Free-to-play and Preferred players in Game Update 5.10.4. Now, MMOAH is going to introduce to all of you a more detailed review.

As we have already known, during SWTOR, players can enjoy the game by three different ways, as a Subscriber, Free-to-play or Preferred. The differences between these statuses are as follows:

Free-to-play players are those who have never spent any money and have access to the original storyline of the game. Though the type of characters is limited to level 50.

Preferred players are those who either used to be Subscribers or have cost money for the Cartel Market or have been subscribed to the game for at least a month.

Subscription players are those who are accustomed to spend a monthly fee(it is usually $15) for a full and complete access to all gameplay content and character or access limitations SWTOR offered.

The Update 5.10.4 will come in July to give more love to the Free-to-play and Preferred players with the major changes in the credit cap, Quickbar, Medical Probe and Quick Travel limitations.

Increased credit cap
200,000 credits cap and 350,000 credits cap respectively for Free-to-play or Preferred players are not enough any more with the game's development. Therefore, the credit caps have been raising up to 1,000,000 credits.

Extra Quickbar
Quickbars were limited between various account types before. As for the free-to-play accounts, they have just two, while the preferred players have four. After the update, an additional Quickbar for both free-to-play and Preferred accounts, increasing the number to three and five respectively. The players can have more abilities, mounts and Mini-pets.

Cancel Medical Probe and Quick travel limitations
The Medical Probes allow players to revive where they died instead of recovering at the Medical Station, while the Quick Travel allows players to travel immediately to a point they discovered on their planet. It should be mentioned that the features are customized specially for Subscribers.

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