Some Quests You Need to Complete before Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3
Some Quests You Need to Complete before Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 is finally coming soon, and with it will be a big revamp for A Realm Reborn's main story. The developers announced ages ago that patch 5.3 would make the Crystal Tower raids a requirement for completing the main story quests, and now we've got a bit more detail on how the requirement will be put into place.

The "Final Fantasy" series has always been known for its profound worldview and rich plot. It is very popular in Europe, America, and China. Although its first MMORPG "Final Fantasy 11" is limited to the platform, it is not well known by too many people. But it is an enduring online game masterpiece. As the latest masterpiece of the series, "Final Fantasy 14" not only has a rich combat system, copy and other elements, but also a deep life system, the cultivation of chocobo pets, The well-known summoned beasts, and the cool airships will all appear on the scene, which has set off a fantasy frenzy. "Final Fantasy 14" willfully surpass the quality of "Final Fantasy 11", representing a pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series, and a milestone online game.

Until you complete the Crystal Tower quest series, the new main story mission introduced in Patch 5.3 will be blocked. If you haven't started these missions yet, you can start with Legacy of Allag in Mor Dhona, which will be unlocked later in the main story of ARR. After that, just follow the quest chain and complete the raids-the duty finder will make this very easy. Once you've turned in the Light of Hope, you can enter new content. Some players can't wait to experience the new content. The fastest way to complete the task is to buy Final Fantasy XIV GIL.

Before entering the patch 5.3 story, you also need to complete the My Little Chocobo quest. To successfully acquire Chocobo, the character level must be 20 or higher and have Chocobo coupon. The method to obtain this Chocobo coupon is to exchange it with 2000 military tickets. If you don't have a 2000 military ticket, but you still want to quickly complete the task and enter the latest content, the fastest and best way is to go to MMOAH to buy the cheap FFXIV GIL. In MMOAH, you can enjoy lower product prices than the market, and it will provide the best and most professional services. If you have any questions, they will answer them for you at any time.

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