#Slay Dragons Save Cats#: Elder Scrolls Online Charity To Donate $200,000 By Slaughter Dragons
#Slay Dragons Save Cats#: Elder Scrolls Online Charity To Donate $200,000 By Slaughter Dragons

Animals are our best friends, and it is really incredible when you heard that playing games can be charity. That's right, it's really happening in the Elder Scrolls Online, and we learned from the studio's announcement that they are calling on the players to jump into the Season of the Dragon and donate up to $200,000 to real-world charities in order to help the pets in need. You happen to be one member of love, are you willing to continue this way?

It is #Slay Dragons, Save Cats#, which is a way thought by the developers of Elder Scrolls Online to help small animals, they promised that they can donate $1 to the animal charity for every 5 dragons killed, up to $200,000.

The event lasts from October 3 to December 9, and all donations raised after ending will be distributed equally to two animal charities, Save Them All and Four Paws, who will be responsible for planning how to use these donations including the establishment of shelters for stray animals and making other measures to protect small animals.

Obviously, it is the studio's sound of saving animals through the Elder Scrolls Online, and which is also the main tasks in the world now, we also hope that more players can help the poor animals by playing the game.

You are not just playing it for donation, after completing the dragon slaughter, you can get a lot of unique rewards through participating the in-game events like unique pets, costumes, furnishings and Event Tickets. The following is a timetable of in-game events of Elder Scrolls Online, please pay attention to check.

10.3-10.14: Dragon Rise
10.24-11.4: Witches Festival
11.14-11.18: Undaunted Celebration
11.26-12.9: Dawn of the Dragonguard
12.19-1.2: New Life Festival

Help those poor little animals, you can head over to "the northern and southern Elsweyr zones" or in the Scalebreaker DLC dungeon "Lair of Maarselok" where the dragons hang out and get slaying. Kill a lot of dragons as much as you can and donate more. If you feel that this is not enough, you can search for Slay Dragons Save Cats on the Internet and then donate directly to charity through it.

Hopefully everyone can give a love, which is the meaning of such an event, as for it, we, MMOAH is also doing its best to do charity. We plan to donate some of the money we obtain by selling in-game currency to the charity.

Since it is a store, which is selling cheap ESO Gold to make you play better and kill the dragons as soon as possible, everything will not be in vain, and we are working hard to make the world better, and we hope you can join our team.

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