Sign Up Now, Join In Fallout 76 Private Test Server For Wastelanders
Sign Up Now, Join In Fallout 76 Private Test Server For Wastelanders

The latest update of Fallout 76, Wastelanders, might be just around the corner, Bethesda is inviting fans to join in its private test server, providing the updated content to play in advance, and collecting players' feedback or bug report.

Now, all you have to do is sign up for a Fallout 76 through providing a usable email, after submitting the testing application, Bethesda will select hundreds of testers from all the applicants to join, and it can be ensured that you get a formal invitation until receiving a confirmation email from Bethesda. However, before playing, you are still required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that no game content is leaked to the public, otherwise you will have to bear some liability beyond the law.

This is the last time before 6 PM ET today(January 14) to sign up on, and create an account for testing.

Wastelanders was supposed to be released for free on Fallout 76 in 2019, and it was postponed to Q1 2020 for some reason, now Bethesda finally put it on the agenda, but its specific release date is still not determined, only some "prep work".

According to some messages we got from the screenshot before, the Wastelanders expansion helps turn Fallout 76 into a more traditional experience, adding human NPC characters to provide more new missions, as well as rewards.

Not surprisingly, Wastelanders will be released in the next few months, and Bethesda will continue to start the Public Test Server after the Private Server, which would change based on the Private feedback and reports with more content updates.

By the way, the Private Test Server will officially open on January 17, after which it will allow testers to access at all times until the PTS offline at a later date.

Fallout 76 is a very strong game, although it has tool a power fist to the face from players, Bethesda has been doing its best to try this situation, all developers are working for a long time to the long-anticipated update. It is coming soon, so what do we need to prepare for it.

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