Safe tips to store up World of Warcraft Classic Gold?
Source: MMOAH

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the WoW Classic is coming this summer, the specific date will launch on August 27, which lets fans fascinated by it and going back to the moment where all started finally. Except for the close beta on May 15, there are three Stress Test since May 22, maybe you are fortunate enough to be selected for the advanced experience and always in the need of WoW Classic Gold on your challenging boosting ways, you need them for almost anything just like WoW Gold, from controlling the process to mitigating damage, now the safe tips on MMOAH.COM would help you store up enough WoW Classic Gold.

Develop the best profession for gold farming
The more you store up the gold, the faster you finish the challenges. When farming gold, you must be mindful of developing the best profession. Compared to various professions, Herbalism was recognized as the best one due to the demand of the market.

You can find lots of herbs and collect ores to mine and beasts to skin by using mining and skinning. The herbs are used to create potions and flasks, which are essential for raiding dungeons at the end of the game. So you can sell all collections you have to other players for a good price on the Auction House.

Loot through fallen enemies
Killing monsters is part of your journey, and the loot will fall from the enemies as reward. You can get the best ones with the most difficult monsters. Each loot you received can be sold to a vendor safely, and more valuable items or greater quality ones may be useful to other players and possibly could be sold for satisfying gold on the Auction House.

Create a Mage class
Do you know which classes is the most chosen? It must be Mage, that's because Mages are the best class for farming and killing large groups of mobs with ease by far, they can sell their unique skills to other classes' players with much gold. What's more, only Mages can open up portals to the major cities to get a gold piece or two.

Focus on the Auction House
Sometime you can buy cheap items on Auction House and resell part of them to other players in higher price, or turn them into more advanced crafting. What needs to mention is that you are supposed to focus the price of materials and items, calculate your costs in case you might fail.

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