SWTOR Update 6.1 PTS Featured Alderaan Stronghold Begins
SWTOR Update 6.1 PTS Featured Alderaan Stronghold Begins

By 2020, the community of Star Wars: The Old Republic has shared a series of plans for future updates to the game, and the latest one is Update 6.1, which is expected to be released in February.

In order to speed up the experience of Update 6.1, its Public Test Server has been opened on January 16, featured the Alderaan Stronghold, as well as a tiny bit of a story for the character.
Update 6.1, which is also known as Pinnacles of Power of SWTOR, allowing to customize the royal retreat hidden away in the mountain ranges of Alderaan, Noble Estate coming with a wide-open field, a snowy overlook, and a regal mansion with a balcony overlooking cascading waterfalls.

In order to start the Update 6.1 PTS, you'd better do so.

Log into or create a new account of swtor.com
Click on your account in the top right-hand corner of the site
Click the link entitled "PTS Character Copy" in the left column
Select your own character and the character you wish to copy from
Click the "Copy Character" button

The site will display the current status of the character at the top of the page, and you can click the "View your character transfer history" to check if the copy has completed.
If PTS is offline, you won't see the PTS Character Copy link.

Hopefully, all of you enjoy the PTS, beyond that, there is a lot of content to mention with Update 6.1.

Beyond that, BioWare also added new classes in Update 6.1, including Inquisitor's Corruption Sorcerer, Powertech's Advanced Protetype, Operative's Concealment and Lethality, each one has its functions, and the specific effects can be checked with the release of Update 6.1, so stay tuned.

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