SWTOR Update 6.0 Onslaught: Sith Warrior's New Set Bonuses And Sith Marauder's New Ability
SWTOR Update 6.0 Onslaught: Sith Warrior's New Set Bonuses And Sith Marauder's New Ability

Since the day of BioWare announced more detailed list of of plan about the next coming expansion of Star Wars: the Old Republic(SWTOR) called Update 6.0 Onslaught, the fans are looking forward to it. It is planed to be officially launched in September this year.

Sith Warrior as well as Sith Marauder must join the battle in order to obtain ideal loot with a brand new gearing system. Players are able to obtain the characters based on the way they want and build the combat skills to match their own preferred play site.

Next let's go and check the new set bonuses of Sith Warrior as well as new ability of Sith Marauder.

Sith Warrior

Here is a tentative list of set bonuses which is prepared for all Sith Warriors. Part of the bonuses are likely to have the high end of piece requirements, such as requiring 4 or 6 pieces, while the smaller piece bonuses will be more passive in nature. Don't worry about it, the bonuses are re referred to charges. During Onslaught, it's allowed to have multiple charges, which means that the players can use them more than once and the cooldown will simply add a charge up to the maximum.

Sith Marauder
it is a class who has fewer set bonuses than Sith Warrior, that's because the Advanced Class has less, but the base class of Sith Warrior has more than the Inquisitor with 8 set bonus options overall.

For Sith Marauder, the Furious Focus has 4 ability charges and recharges every 30 seconds, and every activating Furious Focus consumes all charges causing your next attacks to 25% additional damage. If consuming 3 charges, the next 3 attacks increase 25% damage.

Many people are looking forward to and guess what will happen in Onslaught, but what we know now is limited. If you want to know more contents, you can keep up to date with the latest official news.

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