Runefest 2019 Updates Mentioned: Runescape PC, Old Runescape And Runescape Mobile
Runefest 2019 Updates Mentioned: Runescape PC, Old Runescape And Runescape Mobile

Last week, we spent two days at the Farnborough Exhibition and Conference Centre with much fun, and Jagex showed all of the upcoming new content of Runescape without any reservation on Runefest 2019 from October 4 to 5. This article is prepared for those gaming lovers who have not been able to go ahead to the conference.

You know, there are currently three main flavors of Runescape, Old School Runescape, Runescape Mobile and regular Runescape, and Jagex introduced the updates of those three, let's start the most major update at the beginning, Runescape.

A brand new skill is introduced on Runescape PC, Archaeology, which is the combination of gathering and manufacturing skills since it not only collects natural resources but also put the items together to create real treasures.

Archaeology is the 28th skill in Runescape, with it, the players can explore more mysteries of old in the zones like the depths below AI Kharid, the far reaches of Morytania, underneath the Wilderness, and more biomes have yet to be developed, and they may appear anywhere in the world. By January 2020, players can play everything related to Archaeology.

Surely, Old School Runescape will get some updates next year, and the most highly anticipated is an expansion called Morytania. With it, players can explore the city of Darkmeyer and they will encounter many challenges and powerful enemies. But before that, they have to complete the Sins of the Father ques line to make themselves stronger.

In addition, there is a new game mode from November, Twisted League, which is added to Old School Runescape until two months later for you to complete all the tasks.

By the next year, or later this year, Runescape Mobile Early Access will be available, that being said, the players can enter the world of Gielinor through mobile devices, and by that time, the user interface on the screen would be more concise.

Although all of above is not all details mentioned in Runefest 2019, it is a few major events that will occur in the coming months for Runescape, if you don't want to miss any of them, you'd better log in the game and then check the official mails every day.

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