Rocket League Radical Summer '80s television: You Can Play With Knight Rider In Rocket League Radical Summer
Rocket League Radical Summer '80s television: You Can Play With Knight Rider In Rocket League Radical Summer

Rocket League has started its Radical Summer, which returned the 1980s to their period. As a fan of Rocket League, all of them has become a reality, revisiting the past movies, time-limited game mode and popular cars. It has been more than a month since we've been there, and next week we are going to enter the third phase of Radical Summer, Television, as such, a new DLC pack featuring '80s television show Knight Rider is coming to the field. The last phase of the summer-themed party for players will run from July 22 through August 12.

The new DLC will be available only costing for $1.99, at that time, you can play with K.I.I.T with body, wheels and a Gullwing Topper. Beyond that, further items will be available celebrating Macho Man Randy Savage, The Legendary Voltron and more.

What's more, another one limited-time mode is added to the Radical Summer event for an ending. Beach Ball mode is prepared for a 2v2 skirmish in which players go ahead to a sandy beach-inspired field, the beach ball has appropriately curvy and bouncy properties to keep you on your toes as you chase it down and go for the goal. It is also allowed to earn cassettes to redeem in the event store for some items by going into online matches during the Last Chance redemption period before August 19.

Before that, there is also a whole new slew of summer-themed items coming to the store, part of some of the biggest franchises from TV, such as WWE goodies and Voltron Legendary Defender. You can get some of them on your own.

Now, it's the best time to prepare for the next TV shows, during Rocket League, you can obtain part of items by opening crates and events, but it might be more difficult to find out the keys to open the crates. So why not collect enough Rocket League Crates and Keys in advance? All of them are available and then the best way to get them would be to purchase from

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