Reviews of Maplestory M: Old-school, Memorable, Trash As Hell
Reviews of Maplestory M: Old-school, Memorable, Trash As Hell

"This is probably my most played video game. Dunno just how many hours because other clients didn't count them. It's fun to put some YouTube videos on the second monitor and start grinding.

First of all the game is really old and you can see it. Some places have graphics straight from decade ago, but then there are the new "blockbusters" that try hard to make the game feel like a modern piece of art.

Along with ancient graphics it has also got tons of bugs. Like think of fooling around in GMOD sandbox but it's actually a 2D MMO amount of bugs. Mostly it's just harmless glitching and unresponsiveness but sometimes you get yourself stuck so bad a GM needs to teleport you out. And then there are cases when even the GMs are helpless.

Character creation is pretty straightforward and there isn't really any room for builds and stuff. You are DPS. Now get the same gear pretty much everyone else got and throw some cosmetics on top of it to feel special. Speaking of cosmetics there's a lot to choose from.

Also, you don't need to spend a single penny in this game for "pay to win items" if you attend the events. And at the end who are you fighting against anyway? There's no PvP expect from minigame events and your gear or skills have zero effect there.

Also please do have fun with other players. Everybody's friendly and there are no traces of toxicity anywhere.

So, in the end, it's just a fun PvE MMO with cute characters."

"This game used to be an amazing MMO to play along with real-life friends and newly-met friends alike! However, the game's level of immersion has sharply declined from what I used to enjoy. While the Pay-to-Win factor surely has played a huge part in my shift of attitude toward the game, the social, free-spirited nature of the player base seems to have evaporated more and more over time, with the exception of guild and alliance members to speak with. It's much more difficult to establish genuine friendships than it used to be, in my opinion.

Would love to give this game a good rating, but I'd be crazy to recommend this game to anyone else since I've quit, and I infrequently log in just for rewards nowadays."

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