Reported Jagex Might Be Sold By Parent Company For $530 Million
Reported Jagex Might Be Sold By Parent Company For $530 Million

Just a few days ago, Jagex announced that the latest update of Runescape, the Land Out of Time, went live, and then recently it was reported that Jagex might have to be sold by its parent company for $530 million, the situation has not yet been finalized, and we are all looking forward to the turn, including Jagex itself.

As early as the year of 2016, the Chinese company Fukong Interactive has acquired Jagex for $230 million, but a statement issued at the end of last month at Fukong acknowledged that the sale of Jagex is one of the ways to deal with the company's currency debt. For that, Jagex also made a special clarification by the director of communications Rich Eddy to say that a deal for the sale of Jagex had not been decided upon yet and that the reported transaction was only one of the current multiple options on the table.

Quite a few fans have gradually learned about Jagex through Runescape, after all, Runescape and Old School Runescape are regarded as the world's largest free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing games, which have attracted a lot of players. Since 2000, Jagex was always working hard for it and created the peak period.

It is reported that the Chinese company has been experiencing record growth since the acquisition of Jagex, and celebrated the best year ever last year, generating $1 billion in revenue. According to the recent statement of Jagex, it was mentioned that the future focus is to execute the five-plan built, which is to invest more in the Runescape series, invest more in new life games and collaborate with other studios. In a word, we are always looking forward to seeing a more different Runescape in the future, and hope that this acquisition is just a rumor for Jagex.

The only thing that we can be determined now is that Runescape will not have any problems with this acquisition. We can have more opportunities to explore the map full of dinosaurs. Of course, if you need it, will help you,especially for Runescape Gold.

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