Path of Exile's Incursion league, which Steven spoke on the developers about in total last month, is actually live.

Incursion has you dig up Atzoatl, a historical Vaal treasure temple. To reveal its location, you will have to travel back in history to its construction. That requires you to find Alva Valai, a different NPC, which will send you back in history to a random room inside the temple. There, you will have a limited time frame (as few as 30 seconds) to kill as much monsters as possible, with each kill granting additional time. At the end of your dream, it is possible to claim your loot.

You'll need to track down Alva Valai 11 times—she'll include each new area within a regular campaign—to reveal the placement of Atzoatl inside present day, which you'll be able to then raid for goodies. The time-bending twist that the actions on your 11 incursions to the past will vary that final temple dungeon run. For example, finding keys and unlocking doors from the past will open more of the temple to explore inside present.

It could possibly get very complex, from your sounds of Steven's piece. Each room has competing 'architects' that are looking to design the area a certain way. Kill one architect and also the other is free of charge to do their work, changing the space and potentially impacting other temple. You can travel back on the same room more than once in your 11 incursions, giving one architect multiple chances to upgrade the area to their liking.

In Steven's run, he upgraded a poison garden several times, which meant poison plants covered every room from the temple, making his final run harder. But reaching the initial poison room netted him a shield that you are able to't find any place else.

Alongside Incursion, developers Grinding Gear Games added lots of gems, 31 new items and 22 divination cards. All the patch notes for your update are available here.  The Incursion league will run for three months.

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