You could possibly have heard of Path of Exile, a role-playing dungeon crawler game produced by Grinding Gear Games, a studio headquartered in New Zealand. The game has gained some popularity because free-to-play nature and frequent content updates, however nowadays it's making what is the news for a different reason.

Grinding Gear Games has announced that Tencent, the Chinese behemoth that's previously acquired the developers of major games for instance League of Legends and Clash of Clans, has now invested to possess a majority stake inside development studio.

Though this might leave some players worried with the free-to-play nature of Path of Exile and it is monetization strategy, the business reassures players often throughout the announcement the acquisition should have a "minimal impact" for the game's development.

    Will Tencent seek to change Path of Exile?
    No. We spoke to CEOs of others that Tencent has dedicated to, and also have been assured that Tencent hasn't tried to obstruct game design or operations beyond China. We retain full control over Path of Exile and definately will only make changes that individuals feel are best to the game.

    Will Path of Exile become Pay to Win?

    No. We will not make any changes to its monetisation on our international servers.

Tencent had been responsible for publishing the overall game in China, and today it owns most of the development company. The blog post also clarifies until this doesn't mean it'll prioritize growth and development of the Chinese version of the experience over the international version.

Tencent's investments in gaming are actually nothing short of massive. Last year the organization announced it will be publishing a free-to-play version of Rocket League in China. It also owns the Chinese publishing rights for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and in many cases its own competitor, Fortnite.

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