Path Of Exile patch 3.11.1f Will Fix Several Bugs
Path Of Exile patch 3.11.1f Will Fix Several Bugs

In the next few weeks, POE officially stated that they plan to update 3.11.1f and fix several bugs. The 3.11.1f patch on consoles will be released as soon as possible after the PC version is deployed.

    · Fixed a bug where you could access the Sacred Grove in non-Harvest leagues.

    · Fixed a bug where the label for the portal to the Sacred Grove could be visible before interacting with the Seed Cache in various map areas.

    · Fixed a rare bug that could prevent Conquerors from spawning on your Atlas after migrating from a solo self-found league.

    · Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate rooms to appear in the Temple of Atzoatl.

    · Fixed a bug that caused black boxes to sometimes be rendered on top of objects.

    · Fixed a bug where Elusive would cause some cosmetic effects to lose their textures briefly when the buff expired.

    · Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Shield Charge.

    · Fixed a client crash that could occur when taking a screenshot while using Vulkan rendering.

When these bugs are fixed, players will experience the fun of the game to a greater extent, instead of being troubled by some bugs as before. After the 3.11.1f patch is released, you can focus on continuously upgrading your equipment to make your character become stronger. Of course, these are inseparable from the help of POE Currency.

In addition to these, the most important thing is that the official has also responded to the players' requests to modify the bloom technology. They said: The team has been working hard and has made some progress. They will announce these changes as soon as they're close to being deployed. Perhaps this change will satisfy players. 

The reason why POE has a large group of players is not only because of the game itself, but also because the official has been constantly adopting player's suggestions, constantly optimizing the game, and wanting to bring players better gaming experience. If you want to continue to explore the deeper fun of the game, it is necessary to go to MMOAH to buy POE Currency. POE Currency can help you improve your equipment and combat effectiveness. You can successfully complete these quests and meet more unknown challenges. This excitement is exactly what the player needs. If you think that the price of POE Currency on the market is too high, then MMOAH must be a better choice, because the price of POE Currency on MMOAH is much lower than the market price, and besides the advantage of low price, MMOAH also provides the safest The online payment system and the fastest delivery speed guarantee 100% product safety. I guess the product with high quality and low price is what players need!

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